The Annunaki

The Annunaki
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Friday, 25 July 2014

When a character turns bad

Sitting there, writing a chapter, ideas percolating in a corner of my brain. One of my characters says something in line with her personality and my heart sinks. In that moment all that I know based on research and rumours surrounding the worship of this particular deity makes sense. And yet, I really don't want it to be so. I like her, a lot. She's bold, fun, does as she pleases and doesn't care what people think. She does have her weaknesses though and would never admit them to be character flaws.

Now I have the task of laying out the circumstances which bring those flaws out and result in the decrees she issues which cause so much suffering and damage to her cause.

To avoid it and keep her 'good' would not be truthful and there is little more annoying than when a character appears to have been amended to keep him/her in line with the author's original expectations. It then becomes contrived. In the interests of 'keeping it real' I now must change the storyline to suit a character.

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