The Annunaki

The Annunaki
Aliens, Gods or Demons?

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Review of The Covenant of Muirwood trilogy

Beautiful covers, compelling story, and a well-developed magic system. Maia is a sympathetic character--though perhaps a little 'too good'. After a while her meekness and love for those who have wreaked havoc and taken lives gets to be a little irritating. She is, of course, rewarded in the end, but sometimes as a reader, I'd just think 'really?'

I did enjoy the trilogy and read it quite quickly. It's a fairly easy, classic story, with good and evil, lots of journeys, lovable rogues and haughty enemies that meet their just desserts. I can imagine it appealing to many, particularly teenagers and those who enjoy YA literature.

For myself, the enjoyment of the trilogy was tempered somewhat by the realisation at the end of who the inspiration for the Princess Maia was. Looking back, I see a resemblence in their early lives, but the real woman was not one I'd ever thought to be presented in a favourable light.

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